Our Guiding Principles

These guiding principles act as our north star. They enable individuals, teams, orgs, and our company as a whole to have greater impact and achieve our mission because we're aligned on what's important to us as a collective.
An illustration of a vase painted with different figures creating art.

​​​​We co​​​​​​​mmit to our craft.

Our work has the power to change lives. 
That's why we strive to learn continuously
and excel at what we do.

We minimize waste.

Time, resources, and energy are precious,
so we focus only on what will have the
greatest impact.

An illustration of two hands watering a plant to help it grow.
An illustration of a diverse group of employees coming together.

We embrace differences.

Diverse teams are stronger, and inclusive
cultures are more resilient.  When we seek out
different perspectives, we make better
decisions and build better products.

We dig deeper.

The best solutions to meaningful 
challenges are rarely easy or obvious. We
stay curious, balance our intuition with 
insights, and decide with confidence.

An illustration of two miners digging underground to discover gems.
An illustration of a team of people helping each other climb a mountain.

We lead with optimism.

We believe in our mission, and we believe in
each other. We see the world as it is, set
ambitious goals, and inspire one another with
generosity of spirit. Together, we reimagine
what is possible.