Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act Information

​​​​​​​Full-time employees are also eligible for Etsy's bonus program, equity program, and amazing benefits package.
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Please refer to the table below to find the starting pay range for individuals applying to work remotely from Colorado for any of the roles listed below. This range is not necessarily indicative of the associated starting pay range in other locations.

Job TitleColorado Starting Pay Range
Applied Scientist, Machine Learning (BK or SF)$171,000$181,000
Capital Projects, Senior Manager$102,000$112,000
Collaboration Systems Engineer$104,000$111,000
Director, Data Engineering$210,000$231,000
Director, Global Compliance Strategy$148,000$162,000
Engineering Manager - Search Matching$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Machine Learning Systems$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Payments Platform$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Privacy$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Search Experience$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Search Platform$161,000$177,000
Engineering Manager, Web Performance$161,000$177,000
Global Payroll Specialist$77,000$85,000
IT Vendor & Procurement Manager$71,000$78,000
Manager, Engineering$161,000$177,000
Marketplace Protection Agent$50,000$56,000
Procurement Manager$99,000$109,000
Product Manager, Payments Platform$110,000$121,000
Senior Android Engineer, Explore$131,000$139,000
Senior Applied Scientist, Advertising (BK or Remote)$158,000$167,000
Senior Director of Product Management, Marketplace Payments$220,000$242,000
Senior Engineering Manager, Search Platform$185,000$203,000
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, International Search$158,000$167,000
Senior Manager, Recommendation & Discovery Sciences (BK or SF)$197,000$217,000
Senior Product Design Manager, Payments$149,000$164,000
Senior Product Designer, Marketplace Compliance$113,000$125,000
Senior Program Manager, DEI$97,000$107,000
Senior Scala Engineer, Search$148,000$156,000
Senior Security Developer$148,000$156,000
Senior Software Engineer$131,000$139,000
Senior Software Engineer, API Platform$131,000$139,000
Senior Software Engineer, Checkout$161,000$171,000
Senior Software Engineer, Compliance$131,000$139,000
Senior Software Engineer, Data Privacy$148,000$156,000
Senior Software Engineer, Experimentation Platform$148,000$156,000
Senior Software Engineer, Help Me Grow$148,000$156,000
Senior Software Engineer, iOS$161,000$171,000
Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Systems$171,000$181,000
Senior Software Engineer, Search Experience$131,000$139,000
Senior Software Engineer, Search Indexing$148,000$156,000
Senior Software Engineer, Trust & Safety$131,000$139,000
Senior SRE Kubernetes, Runtime & Traffic$148,000$156,000
Software Engineer II$111,000$122,000
Software Engineer, Checkout$90,000$99,000
Staff Applied Scientist, Computer Vision$171,000$181,000
Staff Database Reliability Engineer, SRE$161,000$171,000
Staff Product Manager, Ad Ranking$153,000$168,000
Staff Product Manager, Developer Infrastructure$153,000$168,000
Staff Software Engineer$161,000$171,000
Staff Software Engineer, Buying Confidence$161,000$171,000
Staff Software Engineer, Checkout$161,000$171,000
Staff Software Engineer, Machine Learning Systems$171,000$181,000
Staff SRE, Developer Platform$181,000$191,000
Technology Solutions Lead$63,000$69,000